Workout alert! The holiday season is now in full effect, but that’s no excuse to skip your workouts! I know the holidays are hectic and you’ll likely have less time than usual for the gym, so I’ve created a fun, fast and EFFICIENT upper body blast workout that also combines some cardio bursts, so you’ll really be maximizing the time you spend workin’ it on out!
Now, another MAJOR perk of this workout is that you don’t need ANY machine access or much equipment for this one, so for those of you who workout at home, have a limited gym, hectic travel or holiday event schedules, it’s incredibly convenient. I combined shoulders and arms, here’s what I did:

I did about 12 reps and4 sets of everything listed below:


Arnold shoulder press
Hammer curls
Overhead tricep press
Mt climbers using sliders at feet, 30 seconds
Bentover rear delt row


Lateral raises
Plank hold to tricep kickback w/DB (alternating arms while in plank position)
Barbell bicep curls
Skull crushers
15-20 burpees

You’ll be a ridiculous , sweaty mess with some epic workout hair after all of this but it’s fun, efficient and will definitely having your upper body feeling the burn! Let’s make this your healthiest holiday season yet! Ready, set…work it!