Workout alert!

Today was a lower body blast day at the gym…pretty sure it’s going to be tricky getting up and down the stairs tomorrow!
Workout fueled by my @cellucor #c4ripped…so yes, definitely a sweaty workout monster mess! You guys know that I’m always finding a way to have fun with my workouts, switching things up and more…variety in my workouts has been key to preventing plateaus and earning those results! I want you to have fun with your fitness and get those results, too!
For the workout below, complete 3-4 sets of each super set (the two exercises that are paired with one another, back to back…no rest between these two exercises. Rest briefly between sets if needed. Please complete 12-15 reps per exercise unless otherwise noted)…have fun and work it!
– Hex bar Plie deadlifts
Jumping rope 30-60 seconds
– Step up with side kick out
Barbell Side lunges with resistance band around legs
– Cable kickbacks
Standing cable abduction
– Walking lunges with side squat (one lunge one aide squat)
Juno rope 30 seconds
– Barbell sumo deadlift
One legged Deadlift with DB
Always having fun and mixing things up! Try it out this week and let me know what you think!