1, 2, 3, goals!
That’s right, the New Year’s Eve countdown is full of goals and wish lists of what we are all setting out to achieve in the New Year- so full of promise as after all, it’s a fresh start! I know you’re all probably just as excited as I am to tackle 2016 head on and have a list of

This past year I’ve embraced balance more than ever, applying the 80/20 principle to all aspects of my life, which in turn is helping me head to ringing in the new year at my happiest (and healthiest) I have in years! You may be thinking “Gee Jen, that’s great, but I’m not quite there yet! How do I go into 2016 with this same type of approach towards my health & fitness?” Well it didn’t happen for me overnight,  so I don’t expect (or want) you to go into this next year with an “all or nothing” approach towards your fitness goals. We’ve all been there before…I know I most certainly have!
For years I would kick off the new year strong, adhering to a far from lax approach to my fitness goals, but inevitably would burn out a week, two weeks or within the first month in. I was so intent on one goal (fat loss) that I neglected to take into consideration a number of other components (essentials) that make us fit & healthy all around (body AND mind…not just a bikini booty) which also include approaching our goals in a more sustainable approach.

  • Attack your health & fitness goals with the understanding that consistency is key. Drastic (and sustainable) results don’t happen overnight, and unfortunately this is something that many people tend to forget when they dive headfirst into their fitness plan at the outset of the new year. I want everyone to set themselves up for success this year with the proper mindset in place, charting your results weekly and looking for progress in a multitude of aspects, not just on the scale or in the mirror.
  • Challenge yourself to adopt one new healthy habit each week, such as cutting out one soda a day (or even better- cutting out soda altogether) while focusing on staying hydrated with water or other lower calorie (or zero calorie) hydration sources. For your meals, focus on cutting back on processed foods, switching fried proteins to grilled options and also cutting back on refined sugar intake. Slight changes like this will add up to big time results and be far more sustainable for the long haul opposed to cutting out everything at once and being on a restrictive “diet” of some sort. 
  • Plan ahead! Preparation is key and has been vital to my success now (and in years past when I was switching from unhealthy habits to consistently working on my fitness) when it comes to making sure I hit the gym consistently and for my meals. For example, if you know going home after work to change into your workout clothes and then hitting the gym often leads to procrastination (and missed workouts) then plan ahead and pack your gym bag the night before, throw it in your trunk to have handy so you’ll go workout at the gym on the way home from work. Years back when I was making an attempt to be more consistent with my fitness, this simple change in habit seriously did the trick- I stopped missing workouts after work, hit the gym and achieved some serious results! 
  • Going out to lunch with co-workers during the week? When eating out, calories (and dollars) can add up quickly! If either of these are of concern and you’re not quite sure how to navigate a take-out menu the healthy way(more on that in a separate article) then just make a few easy swaps! Start out by bringing your own food for lunch every other day and then gradually make the change to packing healthier options for your meals and snacks during the work week.
  • Take a rest day! More often than not, people are so intent on achieving massive success right out of the gate after January 1st that they go full throttle, neglecting to take a rest day (or two) scattered throughout the week. Not only is this is quick way to burnout on your newfound gym life, you’re also doing your body (and mind) a disservice by constantly putting it through such serious work without properly allowing it to recovery. Take a day off from the gym and you’ll be ready to rock with even more strength the next day!-  Focus on having fun with your fitness! I know you’ve probably all seen me post about how I’m always having fun with my fitness, but what exactly does that mean to me? It means that whatever it is I’m doing to work on my health and fitness, I’m enjoying myself and having fun. That could be a workout at the gym, skipping the gym in favor of a workout down at the track, running to the park near my house and doing a total body workout outside to switch things up, a hot yoga class, etc., the point is…whatever I’m doing, I’m having fun, which helps keep me motivated year-round. I’m no longer stuck in a rut and going to the gym 5-6 days a week every single week, but instead of keeping my body (and mind) stimulated with a variety of physical activity while thoroughly enjoying myself.
  • Chart your progress in ways OTHER than stepping on the scale. The scale will never reflect the true results of your hard work in the gym. Unfortunately it’s controlled the mind-set and motivation for so many for so long that it can be a tricky habit to break, but in 2016, let’s break it! I want you all to see (and feel) the results and benefits of your hard work- you deserve it! I want to make sure you’re all charting your progress with progress pictures (I take them and they definitely help me hold myself accountable, plus it’s great to be able to put the shots side by side to really see the details of my hard work paying off), how you’re feeling in and out of the gym, how your strength is improving (I have all of my clients set performance based goals as well as the physique goals they initially have for themselves), the increase in your endurance, confidence, mindset, stress relief and MORE! There are so many other ways to chart your fitness success that I want to make sure you’re all embracing them from every angle.

Bottom line, the new year is an awesome time to get refocused, write down your goals and get started on a new plan, there’s no doubt about that! If you adopt even a few of these fit tips I’ve shared, I have no doubt that you’ll be achieving those results in no time. Let’s make this your most fit and healthy year yet! Ready, set…work it!