So here’s the deal…lately I’ve been getting a bit bored of “traditional” cardio machines at the gym. Instead of skipping cardio altogether, I’ve decided to have some fun and mix it up. When I DO use the machines at the gym, I’ve been challenging myself to make sure I don’t do the same cardio two days in a row, or instead of staying on one piece of cardio for my entire workout, I pick two different pieces of equipment (Jacobs Ladder and the Step Mill are always fun) for 10 minutes of intervals on each. This has been a heck of a lot of fun as well as a solid challenge each and every workout.


I figure if I’m getting bored with traditional cardio, then some of you guys may be as well, right? Since I’m on a constant quest to keep fitness fun and help others do the same, you know I won’t settle for a dull moment during my training sessions. I’ve created another fun, efficient workout for you guys to try. Guaranteed to keep you moving, sweating, and (perhaps most importantly) too busy to be staring down the cardio clock.


Everyone can carve out 20 minutes, so why not make the most of it, right? Here we go! Ready, set…work it!!!


20 min or less, NO EXCUSES, JUST RESULTS workout:


Exercises are broken up into time instead of reps. You’ll be doing these exercises in 1 min or 30 sec increments. Ready, set, work it!

–          Jump rope, 1 min

–          Wide jump squats, 30 sec

–          Jump rope, 1 min

–          Push-ups, 30 sec

–          Side lunges, alternating sides each rep, 1 min

–          Plank up/downs, 30 sec

–          Mt climbers, 1 min

–          REST, 30 sec

–          Repeat for a total of 3 rounds and you’re done! Have fun!