Put your band into it! Let’s get ready to workout…anywhere!  


These days I’m all about getting my workout in whenever or wherever I can. I know what you’re probably thinking “But Jen, isn’t working out kind of your job?!” which is (partially) true, and you’re probably wondering  why I don’t always do my workouts in the gym, right? Totally normal thing to consider, so let me fill you in on a few of the main reasons I’ve been grabbing bands for some of my workouts these days and why I think workouts like this will be incredibly helpful for you at one time or another, too:


  • To be perfectly honest, sometimes I just don’t want to go to the gym. Yes, you read that correctly.  I honestly do love being active, but some days the gym just isn’t where I want to be/workout. I’m sure you guys have been there before, too, right? Luckily, with bodyweight and band workouts I know I can literally workout anywhere, anytime I have a few spare moments…so skipping out on the gym is completely acceptable and sometimes even encouraged.


  • It helps me beat boredom. I’ve been working out for over half of my life now (no need to do the math, but geez, that’s a lot of years!) so in order to keep working on my fitness something that I truly enjoy and look forward to, I have to keep my training fresh. This means lots of variety and mixing things up with workouts throughout the week each week. Bodyweight, bands, yoga, weights, cardio outdoors, hiking, riding my bike…I love to do all of these things and even more I love the fact that on any given day I can choose ANY of these options and be workin’ on my fitness.


  • Workouts like this that are convenient and can be done anywhere are fantastic reminders that in order to achieve your fitness goals it doesn’t mean you have to live in the gym to get things accomplished. If something comes up with your schedule and you can’t get to the gym, all hope is not lost and you haven’t “missed” a day to throw you off track, as you’re always armed with a workout alternative.


  • Busy day? No worries! Workouts like this have become especially helpful on extra busy work days. Taking time to drive to/from the gym does add up, so instead of allowing that gym commute time (about 30+ minutes total), I can grab a band and have the workout done right here at home then get back on my computer to work on another project without my fitness taking a hit.


  • Over the last year or so, resistance band and bodyweight combo workouts have been something I’ve added in more frequently to my training. Aside from dealing with some injuries that are preventing me from lifting weights as often or as heavily as I’d like, I’ve also been on the go a lot more than usual so have had to make some compromises with my workouts along the way. Being without access to a gym more often than not when traveling has forced me to ditch the dumbbells and get creative with what I do have access to- and bands are something I always have with me. It truly helps keep my NO EXCUSES, JUST RESULTS approach to fitness in effect!


Enough of my babbling, it’s time to get to work and put this workout to the test! Grab your band, clear out a bit of open space (or head outside for some workout fun) and get to work! All of the workout details are below:


This workout is devised into two circuits. Begin with Circuit #1 and perform 1 set of each exercise back to back without rest for 1 full round of the circuit. Rest briefly (up to 1 minute if needed) and then go for another round, aiming to complete 2-4 full rounds of the circuit. After 2-4 rounds of circuit 1 are complete, move on to circuit 2 and perform all of the exercises in the same format as you did in the first circuit.


*Note that you can take this workout to a park nearby and latch the band around a tree for some of the exercises listed below if unable to (or if you just want to get outside) perform these in your house or hotel room.


What you’ll need for this workout: resistance band with handle or power band and loop band


Circuit 1: 2-4 rounds and 12-15 reps of everything listed below


Standing resistance band row (you can latch this to anything sturdy in your house, hotel room or part of the balcony; if no access to this then perform a bent-over resistance band row while standing on the band for added resistance)

Wide stance jump squats, 30 sec

Bicep curl to shoulder press with resistance band

Standing lateral raises with resistance band

Plank jacks with loop band around legs


Circuit 2: 2-4 rounds and 12-15 reps of everything listed below


Resistance band squats (increase difficulty by performing these with loop band around legs)

Single arm resistance band tricep extension

Burpees with loop band around legs

Bent-over rear delt row w/ resistance band

Mt climbers, 30 seconds