Let’s be honest…we’ve all made excuses before, right? I know I most certainly have!

In my own fitness journey I came up with the same excuses for years (seriously years) and was especially full of excuses when I was over 35% body fat and my least healthy self and had hit a personal rock bottom. I was low on energy, irritable, bored at the gym, stuck in a vicious cycle of an all or nothing approach to healthy eating and most of all I was sick and tired of the excuses I kept coming up with about why I wasn’t reaching my fitness goals! I knew I owed it to myself (plus those around me) and deserved to get back to that energetic, positive, happy and most of all HEALTHY gal I once was.

Monumental changes happened with a small mindset shift and slight tweak in habits (no drastic overhaul needed) that I still implement to this day. I stopped making excuses and earned the results I deserved- and so can you!

Hi there! Thanks so much for coming to my site- I’m thrilled you decided to stop by!

In case we are meeting for the first time, I’m Jen Jewell and I absolutely love helping others with their health and fitness! As a fitness expert, health & fitness writer, personal trainer, fitness model and more, having fun with my fitness (and helping others do the same!) and leading an active lifestyle year-round is truly what I love to do.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of people on their health & fitness, helping them become their most fit and healthy selves to date. Whether you’re stuck in a rut at the gym, want to take your fitness to a new level, need to reignite your passion for fitness, want to ditch “dieting” for good and more, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m here to help you have fun with your fitness and earn the results you’ve always wanted- and most of all, deserve! I want everyone to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle- not be a slave to endless hours at the gym or restrictive diets. This is the real world where schedules change last minute, a social event pops up, the kids may be home sick from school and your workout time may be cut short or you enjoy dinner and drinks out with friends. Don’t worry- that’s all accounted for and is actually part of the plan!

My goal is to make living a healthy, active lifestyle as sustainable and realistic as possible for you all. No more crazy restrictive diets or countless hours in the gym each day. In fact, we’ll be ditching that “all or nothing” approach to your fitness and meals altogether. It’s time we embrace a balanced, fun, dare I say- PRACTICAL- approach that will provide you with the lasting results you’ve always wanted!

Fun, challenging workouts + a balanced approach to nutrition + making it work for YOUR lifestyle = REAL RESULTS!

And in case you’re curious about my non-working out life…

I’m a California girl, born and raised but now reside in Texas and am loving it (not to mention the BBQ here…delicious!)! While I’ve been working in the fitness field for years (fun fact: my very first job at the age of 16 was teaching aerobics classes at an all women’s gym and I continued to teach/train clients while in college) after graduating from college I transitioned from fitness to Corporate America. Fast forward a few years and I realized that making sales calls was not what I wanted to do forever. Something was “missing” from my day to day life. Once I realized what was missing and how fulfilled helping others with their fitness had made me in years past I knew what I had to do- leave the corporate world behind me and pursue a new career path in health & fitness. It’s safe to say I haven’t looked back since!

When I’m not working on my fitness or helping others do the same, I’m either at home in Houston with my adorable pup (Amalfi Espresso, who I’m convinced is the sassiest ‘lil Shorkie in the world) or am on the go for fitness adventures around the globe. Traveling is one of my favorite things (I’m fairly certain that the saying “I’d rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of stuff” was written with me in mind) and I’ve been fortunate enough to travel quite frequently for my work in fitness, too! My #fittravel approach along with my #funwithfitness mantra have become second nature and truly are a big part of my lifestyle.

And, lastly, in no particular order, a number of other things I love:

my family/friends/loved ones, coffee, cookies, good BBQ, Torchy’s Tacos, big salads, the occasional glass of wine, the beach, geography, twirling outdoors, yoga, reading, museums and more!

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