It’s leg day, you say?! Skip the same old squat rack, leg curl, leg extension and leg press routine (or whatever it is you’ve been doing these last few months) and commit to shaking things up a bit with this super set shocker that will have your legs (and glutes) on fire after the first set!

Now, before you dismiss the idea of trying out the super set fun below, hear me out…

Whether you’ve hit a plateau, are bored with the “routine” you’ve been following, are no longer feeling the burn (or that glute pump) during your workout, or just want to tackle a new challenge in the gym, this is for you! We’re all guilty of getting stuck in a workout rut from time to time, so throwing in something like this can help spark everything from more results (yay!), increase motivation, challenge your mind (and muscles) in a new way, and so much more!

So what are you waiting for?

The format is simple, guys. You won’t even need access to any machines (but dumbbells, a barbell and a loop band are needed) so throw any “Oh, my gym doesn’t have that piece of equipment…” excuse out the window. This workout can even be modified to do at home or on the go at a small hotel gym with just a set (or two) of dumbbells, plus a loop band.

You’ll start out with Super Set 1, repeating both exercises back to back (no rest between exercises…I want you guys to be workin’ it the entire time! As a bonus, with such minimal to nonexistent rest periods, you’ll be getting in some cardio bursts, too!) for 1 full set. Repeat this super set again until 3-5 full sets are complete, then move on to Super Set 2 in the workout. Repeat this format until you’ve worked your way to the very end with the BURN-OUT BONANZA (don’t worry, it’s only two sets) combo and voila- you’ve conquered the super set workout challenge!


Ready, set…work it!



*All reps and/or amount of required time for each exercise are listed next to the exercise. 3-5 sets of everything listed below! Have fun and please tag me when you try this workout! 


✅ Super set 1:

Walking lunges, 1 min

Lateral shuffles w/ band, 30 sec

✅ Super set 2:

Barbell Sumo deadlifts, 10-12 reps

Plie jump squats, 30 sec

✅ Super set 3: 10-12 reps

DB Single leg deadlifts

DB Cursty lunges

✅ Super set 4: 10-12 reps

Barbell squats with band around legs

Barbell hip thrusters with band around legs

✅ Super set 5: Burn-out bonanza!💥2 sets of 15 reps 💥

Box jumps

Tuck jumps