Bikini Booty Workout for you to rock now…for fun with your fitness and serious results, all year-round!


Yikes, it’s “bikini season” again, isn’t it? Whether we’re ready or not, summer is here in full force (the 95+ degree weather that’s been going on here in the Midwest leads me to believe that summer’s already been hanging around waiting for a pool party in these parts) and it’s time to enjoy it! Long weekends, the great outdoors, summer vacays and more- I’m sure you’re ready for them, aren’t you?! If you’re like me and will be on the go more than you’re home (and no, I’m not in perma-vacation mode, I’ll be traveling a ton for work this summer) then you’ll want some quick, efficient workouts that don’t always require gym access. You’ll probably be out and about more often than usual, or would rather spend some time socializing with friends instead of being in the weight room. If you don’t have access to your normal gym (or just don’t want to go to it), NO PROBLEM! This can be done at a hotel or home gym with minimal equipment- just grab a jump rope, some dumbbells and/or kettlebells, as no actual machines were used in this workout.


Here’s a rundown of a workout combo that I love. I’ve included bursts of cardio with strength training for lower body so my heart rate is going to be elevated way more than normal, and I don’t have to spend time on cardio equipment when I’m done lifting. Complete 3-4 sets of everything listed, performed back to back while keeping the intensity up for 12-15 reps/set:




Circuit 1, 12-15 reps of everything listed below (unless specific time is listed):


Walking lunges, 30 sec

Wide jump squats w KB

KB swings

Jump rope, 30 sec

Split squats


Circuit 2, 12-15 reps of everything listed below (unless specific time is listed):


Step-ups with glute kickback

Frog hops (10 forward, 10 backwards)

Hip thrusters (w/weight)

Single leg glute bridge w/ weight and leg elevated on a step or exercise ball


Have fun, and work it!!! If you try this (or any other workouts listed here on my site) out, please make sure to tag me on Twitter or Instagram with the #resultswithjen tag so I can see you all putting in work and having fun with your fitness, too!