Weekend Workout Fun!

Pressed for time, without a gym or don’t have access to any equipment? Don’t view these as limitations to getting your workout on, but instead use it as an excuse to mix things up and do something different! I know when you don’t have access to your “norm” it can be tempting to pass on a training session, but it’s days like that when we have to look at a break in our routine as a good thing! Whenever I’m pressed for time, on the go and don’t have ANY equipment whatsoever nearby, I throw together a quick total body workout made up of bodyweight exercises and my favorite cardio bursts.

Whether you’re at home, a park, in a hotel room or on a hotel balcony like I was today, there are all kinds of ways to maximize your fitness.

Not sure where to start? Keep it simple, fast-paced and fun and your workout will be done before you know it! I’ve put together a challenging combo that has you doing each exercise for 30 seconds, then go right into the next exercise in the series.

Here’s what you need to do:

Repeat one set of each exercise (each exercise should be performed for 30 seconds), back to back without rest. Once you’ve completed one full round of the sweaty circuit below, rest briefly (1 minute max), and then repeat the circuit for another 3-5 rounds. Each circuit is 5 minutes of fast-paced, fat burning fun. Ready, set…work it!

– Burpees
– Jump squats
– Push-ups with side plank rotation (alternating sides throughout)
– Table top hip thrusters
– Plank jacks
– Elevated plank with reach and kickback (opposite arm/leg, alternating sides throughout the 30 seconds)
– Side to side squats (squat to right, back to middle, squat to left, repeat)
– Inchworm walkouts with reach
– Side forearm plank with dip (30 sec/side)