Weekend Workout! My 5 Exercise Weekend Warrior Circuit!


I get it…it’s the weekend, you slept in and have a packed social calendar. You’ve been working your butt off all week and the last thing you feel like doing is revolving your Saturday around the weight room. My recommendation?  Instead of skipping your workout altogether, give this fun, effective WEEKEND WORKOUT a whirl! All you’ll need is your bodyweight and a bit of an open space (I’ve even done this workout in a small living room or hotel room with limited space), so throw on your workout clothes, put on a solid playlist and get that workout in…and then set out to enjoy the rest of your weekend!


The format is simple: perform 15 reps of each exercise, back to back to complete one full set of the 5 exercises below. Rest briefly (up to 1 min) and perform another 5 rounds for the full workout!


Here’s what you do:


Burpees (yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking…no one loves these, but just suck it up and do them because they’re seriously effective and work your entire body while getting some cardio in, too)

Side plank hip dip and leg lift (15 reps on one side, then switch to the other)

Reverse lunge with a plyo skip at the top (15 reps on one side, then switch to the other)

Push-up with side plank rotation (alternating sides you do the plank on. For example, one push-up to right plank, push-up to left plank and repeat)

Jump squat to plank up/down combo: 10 jump squats, drop down to 10 plank up/downs and repeat 3 times, back to back.


Once you’ve completed 1 full set of each of the exercises above, back to back, rest briefly and then go for another 4-5 rounds.


Have fun with this one, and then get out to enjoy the rest of your weekend!